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Instrumental Lofi and Ambient Music EP A Fleeting Dream in Waking Life by Hong Kong Artist Norvik and Metic

A Fleeting Dream in Waking Life (Metic & Norvik)

Release Date: Sept 15th, 2021

Released by: Inner Ocean Records



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Inner Ocean Records

1.Our Days Revisited
2.A Fleeting Dream
3.Mercy of Chance
4.Hall of Impermanence
5.Adrift in Time
6.In Waking Life
7.A Familiar Moment

After meeting in a Hong Kong cafe last fall, Metic and Norvik floated the idea of a collaboration that’s become A Fleeting Dream in Waking Life. Blurring the borders between Norvik’s masterful ambient soundscapes and Metic’s expressive bluesy guitar, the album frames four beautifully paired-back instrumental beats with three graceful ambient pieces. What we hear is what we feel: powerful memories and emotions that override our conscious. Almost like a dream.

The seven-song collaboration stands as a source of pride and joy for the two artists. And for the listener, a source of solace that emanates in waves of emotion. The high-tide may be A Fleeting Dream, the most groovy of the beat-driven ambient compositions, with Adrift in Time and In Waking Life the most calming. The album ends with an expansive deja vu in the form of A Familiar Moment, gently waking us from a state of reverie, renewed and refreshed. Until we all meet again.

Catalog: INNER159
Format: Tape Cassette // Streaming // Digital

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