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Messages to No One

Release Date: July 10th, 2018



1. A Watched Mind

2. Gentle Indifference

3. Better to Burn

4. Maybe Yesterday

5. Second Spring

6. A Taste for Misfortune

7. Everything is Forgotten

8. Invisible Summer

9. Secret Colours

10. A Long Patience

11. An Act of Rebellion

12. Every Leaf a Flower

"...nicely finds a fusion between the Ambient and Modern Classical styles. Both share the soundscape equally and act as supporting elements to each other. "


"Norvik demonstrates a nice ability and skills to draw musical lines surrounded by a fragile sense of poetry. The warm and detached contemplative vibes (mainly built around the piano) are sometimes interrupted by sinuous abstract drone textures and flexible organic moves. Messages to No One, as a result, is very well executed and is a resolutely intimate music trip which admits a penchant for piano narratives."


A series of 12 songs, Norvik’s debut album Messages to No One is the result of months of development and experimentation, finally arriving at the sound that encapsulates the contradictory emotion of isolation and attachment.


With meticulously mixed pianos, synthesizers and field recordings from Japan, Gabriel has crafted an album that plays like a short film.  Indeed, the 12-song collection intends to be read as 12 letters, each written and sent throughout a year with no replies.