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Ambient Music Album Echo Theory by Hong Kong Artist Norvik


Release Date: June 14th, 2019



Apple Music

1. Suadade

2. Fernweh

3. Ammil

4. Orphic

5. Metanoia

6. Ludic

7. Carpe

8. Kairos

9. Sturmfrei

10. Nepenthe

11. Dapsilis

12. Hiraeth

13. Vorfreude

Occasionally, we need to realise how tiny we and all our emotions are in the grand scheme of things, such as, perhaps, the Universe? There is value to being humbled. In the end, however, we still feel like the Universe hears and answers us. And perhaps it does, because what are we if not emotional.

Anyway, that is just a theory.

The album was created with the intention of creating something big in scale - metaphorically, and what is bigger than the birth of the Universe? So that was the theme.

Echo Theory is about the Universe.

"Chan’s piano melodies are just as precious. Each one lights up like a star, and each one inhabits a lonely world. The ambient atmosphere pulls the piano into an orbit where it’s free to turn and swirl; a radiant ballet, and without the restrictive law of gravity to shackle it."


"Soulful sounds with sweeping spectrum is the premise on the album, which is very dynamic and complex. As usual, the piano on an emotional level is involved, but occurs at times also in the background to make the spherical soundscapes unfold as the colorful wings of a butterfly."


"There is a massive piece of movement with this piece. A shifting and gliding feeling to this piece like a supertanker cutting through calm seas. It’s a beautiful piece of contemplative drone."


"Maybe it’s the textures floating throughout the song or how the swells made me feel like I was drifting - either way, I absolutely loved every second of this cinematic track."


"On this album Chan blurs the lines with his music. Is he an Ambient musician or Modern Classical artist? On the evidence of the majestic “Vorfruede” you would suggest the latter with its metronomic piano and swirling strings that capture an emotional intensity. But then when you compare to a track like “Dapsilis” you are firmly in Ambient territory and then there is a piece like “Fernweh” which sees those two elements work together. Whatever the case the pieces on the album are a refreshing listen."


"Expect no thrilling action, no horror or creepiness; but a long scene of you being blessed and massaged forever by well-made melodic or floaty or a combo of both – music. It’s nice to have for once a soundtrack that doesn’t please the thrill seekers, or give the ‘allergic to sweetness’ people something they could listen without getting green spots all over; this one is giving you what it says on the label & I think we all should not take it for granted."


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