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Ambient Music Album Forever Orbit by Hong Kong Artist Norvik

Forever Orbit (Norvik & Montane District)

Release Date: Aug 19th, 2022

Released by: Northsilver Imprint



Apple Music

1. Dear Shadow

2. Astral Objects

3. Arsia Mons Drifter

4. Then Again Who Does?

5. Forever Orbit

6. Sometimes Never

7. Near, But Lightyears Apart

8. Rebirth

9. Astral Objects (Six Missing Rework)

10. Sometimes Never (Dotlights Remix)

Lush strings, subtle pianos, textured guitars, warm basses and copious amounts of synths line the melodies in this soundtrack to the vast, lonely landscape that lives in the universe of our minds. Inspired by western sci-fi aesthetics and dystopian films, "Forever Orbit" is the third collaboration and first full-length album by Norvik & Montane District, combining our previous two singles, four new tracks. We're excited to include two expert reworks: "Astral Objects" is re-concieved into a floating soundscape by US based artist Six Missing while Netherlands based Dotlightscloses the album with a sublime ambient house version of "Sometimes Never".

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