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Instrumental Music EP Once a Home by Hong Kong Artist Norvik and Antarctic Wastelands

Once a Home (Antarctic Wastelands & Norvik)

Release Date: Sept 2nd, 2022

Released by: Echoes Blue Music



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1.In Memory Of
2.Once a Home
3.The Arrival of a Peculiar Guest
4.Different Days
5.There's a Time for Endings
6.Always a Home

1. In Memory Of

It was almost like no time had passed.  The spotless table cloth, the meticulous positioning of the chairs, the number of candles on top of the crackling fireplace, the uneven paint in the corner of the wall, the coffee stain on the curtains... time had frozen within the walls of the tiny house. Frozen in memory.


2. Once a Home

It was once full of warmth, joy, laughter.  Of familiar smells and sounds.  It was where he didn't want to leave in the morning.  Where he once felt safe, comfortable and himself.  It was once a home.


3. The Arrival of a Peculiar Guest

He never imagined the door would be open again.  A closed door was the only way to preserve time as it was within the house.  On that rainy night, with a sympathetic heart, he opened the door to a sick stranger.  A rather peculiar guest.


4. Different Days

For the next few days, he tried to ensure his life remained the way it had been for years.  The stranger brought with them new habits, routines and most importantly, a new pair of eyes.  As much as he fought it, he could not deny that his days had changed.  When it came the day of the guest's leaving, he found himself deterring the guest.  The guest, unmoved, simply uttered a line, and said goodbye.


5. There's a Time for Endings

Upon the guest's leaving, he found himself indifferent to the life inside the house.  And when, one night, purely by misfortune, the fire escaped the fireplace and crawled across the rest of the house, he found no desire to save anything.  "There's a time for endings." he uttered, as the guest had told him, and he left the burning house.


6. Always a Home

It is full of warmth, joy, laughter.  Of familiar smells and sounds.  It is where he feels safe, comfortable and himself.  It is always a home.


7. Sideways

When it is time to fall, let it fall sideways.

Once a Home is a story about letting go, a soundtrack to a film that does not exist.


Written by regular collaborators Antarctic Wastelands & Norvik, it is inspired by how we hold on to things that are dear and important to us - memories, objects, places, people - even after they are gone.


There are times when we must let go, but that doesn't diminish the importance of things of the past. It simply means we have to free ourselves from the burden of their weight, instead allowing ourselves to cherish the memories that remain.

Written, recorded & produced by Gabriel Chan & Benjamin Tatlow
Mastered by Benjamin Lincoln at Middle Mastering
Released on Echoes Blue Music

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