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Instrumental Music Album Summerstart by Hong Kong Artist Norvik


Release Date: August 16th, 2019



Apple Music

1. Years in Between

2. A Familiar Street

3. In the Moonlight

4. Waiting

5. Blue Radio

6. Running Fields

7. Stay With Me

8. The Time Has Come

9. Summer's Theme

10. Just Like Old Times

11. Memorandum

12. Beyond the Island

13. Finale

The scorching sun, youthful sweat,

Brings me what it takes away

The joy and pains of innocence

And days of summer start


This album was created in 2010, as a soundtrack to a non-existent film. I wrote the story first, then scored to it.  Nine years later, I reworked it and decided to release it.  


The premise of the story revolves around a group of middle-aged people who reunite at a funeral of one of their high school friend’s funeral.  Due to bad weather, they are not able to leave the island and are forced to stay together for a night.  At first, each person puts on an act as a version of themselves they want others to see.  As the night wears on, their facade also wears off and each begins to expose their true colours, forcing them to confront their peers, and themselves, in the most naked form.  


Among their deceased friend’s belongings, they find a map detailing the whereabouts of a time capsule they buried together years ago.  Together, they decide to embark on a journey that night to reclaim this lost piece of memory.


Summerstart is about innocence and youth.  


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